The winner, in this case, is: “Yeah, actually there is an interesting story behind this. I like to fuck dolls. See ya Monday.” — David John

So, have you seen this? Probably. Because, as with so much else of great cultural value, I’m way behind the times. But even I know that the New Yorker, on the last page of the book, now runs a weekly contest to come up with the best caption for an uncaptioned* cartoon. Many people find the contest and its results cloying. I am one of those people. So, too, is Daniel Radosh, proprietor of this site. Each week, he runs his own contest: a challenge to submit “the worst possible caption for this [week’s] New Yorker cartoon.” If you don’t mind off-color humor, you might want to check it out. Oh, and here’s a quick meditation on how to win the actual New Yorker caption contest. If that’s your thing. Of course, as Eric points out, the winning answer should always be, “Christ, what an asshole.”

Also: is Daniel Radosh related to Ron Radosh? I bet everyone knows — except me. Because I’m behind the times.

* A word? No, I doubt it. “Blank” would have been better. Whatever. You people need to back off. Or I’ll cut you.

[Author’s Note: Thanks to “anonymous,” who — with revelations of super-cool jurist Alex Kozinski’s public relations troubles in mind? — sent me a link to Radosh’s site. Keep the tips coming people.]

[Update: Ben Wolfson gently reminds me in the comments that I initially saw the Slate piece linked above while reading a post of his over at Unfogged. I regret having not credited him earlier.]