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roy edroso is clearly an intelligent man, but in this case he couldn’t be more wrong.  He quotes one of the geniuses from Big Hollywood (who, incidentally, just learned what the word “satrap” meant):

In their neverending quest to wrest more power by creating what H. L. Mencken correctly characterized as an endless series of hobgoblins requiring a socialist elite’s powers to destroy, the socialists and their media satraps continually raise fears of everything conceivable . . .

Then argues that:

Naturally he doesn’t link; this is from Mencken’s In Defense of Women, and the passage from which it comes doesn’t mention socialists at all, and is explicitly about the starting and conduct of modern wars, which Mencken attributes to modern civilization “especially under democracy.” But I don’t think Karnick was purposely misleading his readers . . .

Because Mr. Word-of-the-Day wasn’t misleading his readers.  roy doesn’t seem to realize that conservatives only discovered Seth Graeme-Smith’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies earlier this week and that this Big Hollywood-style satrap is merely playing along.  Just like Graeme-Smith improved upon Austen by inserting zombies into scenes in which they clearly don’t belong, conservatives are now inserting socialists and communists into diatribes in which they clearly don’t belong.

For example, Donald Douglas complains that people find the idea of him being a professor beyond belief, but then he writes this:

I saved a classic example of the “I can’t believe you’re a professor” slur from a post last year,” Matt Yglesias, Jennifer Palmieri, and the Third Way.” As some readers know, Matthew Yglesias is an American communist. There is no position that’s too far to the left for that man.

Clearly, anyone who thinks that there “is no position too far to the left for [Yglesias]” deserves to have his credentials questioned.  Off the top of my head, I can list fifteen comments on every one of Yglesias’s posts going back seven years as evidence that lefter positions than those he’s staked exist.  Douglas duct-taped the evidentiary bar to his ankles, so he shouldn’t be surprised that people are incredulous when he claims that his day job involves teaching impressionable youths how to hurdle.

But it’s all a ruse.

Douglas is merely playing the zombifying game with socialists and communists.

He doesn’t believe Yglesias is a communist anymore than Graeme-Smith thinks Austen really wrote about zombies.  He’s not hilariously obtuse—he’s just playing the communitizing game.  It’s like zombies, only with communists and socialists.  I’m surprised (and frankly disappointed) roy didn’t pick up on this.  Does he seriously believe conservatives have been so traumatized by three months of a painfully centrist presidency that they’re spying pinkos in the hedgerows?

As if.


Our loyal readers who also surf political blogs have probably noticed the flap over Dijongate, wherein reality descends madly into satire as the blogsphere ponders the political meaning of Obama’s decision to order Dijon mustard on a hamburger (and whether the media hushed it up to make him seem like a regular Joe!)  Anxious to do our part, we at EoTAW have discovered the real reason Obama ordered spicy Dijon rather than regular yellow mustard:

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