More on Mecca-on-the-Hudson from your humble MC Sir Make-Salat. Placed under the Carnival so as not to interfere with real scholarship.

Haven’t seen much on what the masjid scene is like in lower Manhattan, maybe I just missed it, but I got curious so I looked up the southernmost Manhattan zip code (10004) in Islamic Finder. (This should give a pretty reliable list of nearby masjids.) And here’s what we got:

BMCC Islamic Center— that’s the Borough of Manhattan Community College. I’m guessing it’s not a full-service Islamic Center so much as a room put aside in a student building, but I can’t find much information in ten seconds of googling.

The House— the Park51 location is already listed because there are regular prayers there now.

NYU Islamic Center— I’ve been here, it’s cool, but the prayer space is the basement of a church. Besides it’s pretty far north, right by Washington Square Park.

Browsing around I found this interesting NYT article about two other downtown masjids, Masjid Manhattan and Masjid al-Farah.

Here’s a sad disclaimer from Masjid Manhattan, which lost their space and is using a small rented space here— fits 20% of their congregation– until they can build something else.

Please be advised that we are by no means affiliated with any other organization trying to build anything new in the area of downtown Manhattan.

Since 1970, Masjid Manhattan has been a peaceful, not-for-profit organization located in the area of downtown Manhattan. Our members are City, State and Federal employees, as well as professional employees of the Financial area who come to our Masjid to perform their daily prayers.

Masjid Manhattan and its members condemn any type of terrorist acts. In particular, the attacks of 9/11 where non-Muslims as well as Muslims lost their lives. Islam always invites for peace; therefore Islam is not responsible for the actions of some ill individuals who, independently from what Islam advocates, have hatred against humanity. As Muslims and as Americans, we will never forget the beloved ones who perished that terrible day of September 11, 2001.

Shorter: please don’t hate us!

Masjid al-Farah (map) is Imam Rauf’s current place, very Sufi. Note the Salatomatic review from the sister who felt unwelcome because she’s more traditional (hijab, doesn’t want to make sujood alongside the brothers, etc.). And it’s also a bit uptown.

Anyway, this isn’t an argument, just an observation that there are probably a bunch of Muslims who work downtown who would benefit from a nearby masjid for jummah or iftars during Ramadan. I keep hearing “100 mosques in NY!” but New York is a big place and it’s hard to get around quick if you want get to jummah prayers on your Friday lunch hour.

And I have three hours before I need to get up. Sweet.