Town and Country is glamorous. You can tell because the August issue has Julianne Moore on the cover. And on p. 52 under “Arts & Culture – Summer reads” there is a picture of this handsome book.

The Gatsby Bookshelf. Danielle Ganek’s first novel takes place in the smooth and snarky New York art world; her second, The Summer We Read Gatsby (Viking; $25.95), motors out to the Hamptons (except when it helicopters in) for a much more delightful diversion. Entertainingly unalike half sisters Cassie and Peck Moriarty inherit their aunt’s Southampton cottage and along with it a potent secret, some swoony romantic prospects, and several friends even Fitzgerald would have relished. In Banana Republican (Farrar, Straus and Giroux; $25), on the other hand, Eric Rauchway imagines Gatsby’s Tom Buchanan after the close of that classic. Tom’s a rogue, a racist, a gunrunner and a numskull–all in Jazz Age Nicaragua–but makes illuminating company nonetheless.

Also you can tell T&C is glamorous because it is not online.