Some tiresome shite about religion below the fold.

Ross Douthat finds this post interesting, which says something about Douthat. Via Drum. If you use more and bigger words, the argument will get better and better.

Thus, abstracting from the universal conditions of contingency, one very well may (and perhaps must) conclude that all things are sustained in being by an absolute plenitude of actuality, whose very essence is being as such: not a “supreme being,” not another thing within or alongside the universe, but the infinite act of being itself, the one eternal and transcendent source of all existence and knowledge, in which all finite being participates.

Yawn. Meanwhile, did you know Richard Dawkins has a website? Did you know know it’s an emetic?

In other news, May 20th is “Draw Muhammad Day.” (That cartoon is cute!) It even has its own facebook group, which, as you’d expect, is the very soul of wit. (There’s also an event page, the creator of which seems to be less of an asshole.) So I’m working on my own drawing! Forgive the limited sketching skills.