Welcome to the twenty-third edition of the Military History Carnival. We have an eclectic range of entries in this edition:

Asian Military History

Alan Baumler submitted an entry on Wartime Dog Killing Squads at Frog in a Well.

Alan Baumler submitted a post on Imperial Conquest and Assimilation in China from Jottings from the Granite Studio.

Brett Holman nominated an entry on a novel about the Japanese saving Britain at Frog in a Well.

John Emerson nominated a post on the Mongols at Haquelabac.

Nikolaos Markoulakis submitted a post on the Greco-Bactrian Empire at Sparta: Journal of Ancient Spartan and Greek History.

World War I

Rich Landers submitted an entry from “Letters Home from a New England Doughboy 1916-1919.”

Brett Holman nominated a post on T.E. Lawrence at the Bioscope.

World War II

Thomas Bruschino submitted his essay on “Remaking Memory or Getting It Right? Saving Private Ryan and the World War II Generation” at Michigan War Studies Review.

Graham Jenkins submitted a post on the German plan to invade Switzerland during World War II at Automatic Ballpoint.

Aaron Elson submitted a post on the memories of a tank commander during World War II at Oral History Audiobooks.

Brett Holman put forward a post on a major new WWII Russian archive at the Russian Front.

Also posted at H-War.