My only thought about the Amy Bishop thing is that I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often. Academics are weird, and tenure denial can be awful. The kind of focus needed to make it on to the tenure track can produce a kind of tunnel vision that blinds one to other parts of life, and, in that mindset, the failure of one’s central project can seem like the kind of blow that might as well be life-ending. (No, I never thought about shooting anyone, though I did contemplate, without much endorsement, taking an enormous crap on a colleague’s desk.)

A friend who teaches at UA-H knew Bishop a bit and reports that she was very weird before this, too. I can’t imagine what departmental life will be like going forward.

Glenn Reynolds has a post on this which contains the following update:

UPDATE: From “This class was great. Bishop makes the class interesting by talking about her research and her friends research. That speaker she had for class was hard to understand but smart. She expects alot and you need to come to every class and study. She is hot but she tries to hide it.And she is a socalist but she only talks about it after class.”

Reader George Berryman writes: “I’m guessing the ’she’s a socialist’ part won’t get talked about much in the MSM. But if she had been a conservative it’d lead every evening news cast for two months.”

In other adventures in loathsomeness, Ta-Nehisi Coates gets some interesting comments.

I am currently hanging in effigy a printed off picture of you, Tee-hee-hee, over my computer with the words ‘Lynch Coates’ written on the photo. Discern that.

The odd thing here is that the comment purports to be from Tim Sumner, who runs a website that asks to be taken seriously. I hope he was drunk, or something.