I’ve finally read the talk I have to give in a few hours, and it holds up pretty well. It’s on some of the applied ethics stuff I was on about last summer: physician obligations and disagreement, breast cancer treatments, and so on. It will go well, or it will not. The beach will welcome me regardless.

Conference liveblogging: at a talk by a guy who struggled to get a TT job. The talk is so good. What a reminder of the arbitrariness of the market…also, follow-up questions? Of diminishing interest. Make ur point the first time!…man, GPS is a cruel mistress. I thought I’d go for a local place for lunch, but the device got me stuck in a desolate RV park. Now I’m headed to a mediocre sandwich across from a Hooter’s, missing a talk I wanted to see…ah, back at the hotel. What a nice day! I could duck out early but that’s my session. I expect a small audience….woohoo, virtue epistemology! Fun. Could I get another sports meaphor? Yes I can! ….holy crap. 10% of my audience is people I haven’t gotten loaded with. I’m wondering if we should give the talk in the ocean….my half of the talk went ok; now on to the boobs….q+a time!