Be very, very good, historians, and maybe someday someone will name an undergraduate house after you. The new Carl Becker House at Cornell, with a memorial plaque.

Carl Becker’s previous EotAW mention is here, and you might also want to read his AHA presidential address, “Everyman his own historian.”

Below the fold, more Cornell pictures because some campuses really were built to be photographed.

The undergraduate library and McGraw Tower.

Morrill (as in Morrill Land-Grant Colleges Act) Hall.

Willard Straight Hall, the student union, built in keeping with Straight’s wishes that Cornell be made a “more human place.”

A (small) part of the entrance to Willard Straight Hall1; note the elaborate ceiling. This part of the mural famously had “Black Panther” painted under it forty years ago.

Ezra Cornell, Western Union pioneer, in front of the history department at McGraw Hall.

1Yes, I know that’s not what it’s properly called, but there’s no point in confusing readers.