(By request, the parody of this beloved book that originally appeared in the historical novel thread.)

What do I know about tweeting bloggers? Well . . .

When tweeting bloggers fight,
it’s called a tweeting
blogger battle.

And when they battle ’bout the future,
it’s a tweeting blogger
augur battle.

And when tweeting bloggers battle
over augurs in a muddle,
they call it a muddled
tweeting blogger
augur battle.

AND . . .

When bloggers battle bloggers
in a muddled augur battle,
and the tweeting blogger battle
is about Barack Obama,
they call this a
muddled tweeting
blogger augur
battle ’bout
Barack Obama.

AND . . .

When bloggers fight these battles
over augurs ’bout Obama,
and Obama’s being born
in a Kenya or Jakarta,
they call THIS a
muddled tweeting
birther blogger
augur battle
’bout Obama.

AND . . .

When Barack is being born
in a Kenya or Jakarta,
and the birther bloggers blog
about Obama Mama augurs,
and the dentist lawyer lady
tells the muddled crying man,
’bout the huddled battle tweeters
massed along the Rio Grande . . .

Stop it! Stop it!
Shut your trap, sir!
I can’t listen to this crap, sir!

FOX in News, our game is done, sir.
It has been no fucking fun, sir.