By which I mean: what specific sites/forums/IRC chat rooms do students use to find people willing to produce “original” works of scholarship?  When I search for such services online, all I find is an endless sea of spam.  There must be somewhere—perhaps localized at the level of individual schools—that students go to make these sorts of arrangements.  Would it not be incredibly useful for instructors to know what those sites/forums/IRC chat rooms are? (And isn’t it odd that there hasn’t already been some sort of collective effort to create a list of this type?)

If you know the locations of some of these sites, I would love it if you left the address in the comment or send me an email (scotterickaufman at gmail dot com).  Anonymous is fine.  I want to create a sort of master list so I can play Leverage in my spare time because I’m curious.

UPDATE 1. The answer, from my initial investigations, is that it’s not craigslist.  I found a few ads there, but after a brief investigation, learned that they were all spam.