The recent action against Somali pirates that rescued Richard Philips, the American ship captain held hostage, was an effectively-planned and well-executed one. I spare no sympathies for the pirates, but can we please skip the semi-erotic accounts of how the snipers did it? From the Washington Post:

He’s not “pulling” [the trigger] in the sense of exerting his muscle against it, so much as urging it to cooperate it, massaging it into doing his bidding. If he hurries, if his finger is misplaced on its curve or catches on the trigger guard beneath it, it can all go wrong.

It can go wrong, too, if he neglects the follow-through, because like all athletic endeavors, shooting or pitching or throwing or tossing a crumple of paper into a wastebasket, the issue is the wholeness of motion, even long after the missile is dispatched.

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