Though I do wonder what experiences led them to charge for extra emails:

We discourage any lengthy-frequent-repetitive contacts with this journal. For the complexity of AEQ review process see Flowchart. The Journal’s ten year publishing experience suggests maximum 8 e-mail/postal contacts
between the author and AEQ as the norm

  • 1) submission
  • 2) submission clarification
  • 3) copyright
  • 4) extra contact

You must complete the above 3 in maximum 4 e-mail/postal contacts. Otherwise, your submission
will be rejected or rescheduled for consideration until the next available issue.

  • 5) reviews
  • 6) reviews clarification
  • 7) final copy
  • 8) extra contact

Exceeding eight contacts may disqualify your submission from further consideration or require $45 redactory fee. as it drives up journal’s administrative cost above the forty-five fifty-seven dollars average per one submission.
Hence, in order to work efficiently, we had to establish “eight contacts limit” per one submission.

Love the strikethrough of the “forty-five” in the last paragraph. “See how much our costs are going up!”

Are there charges for facebooking them? Twitter?

The flowchart link leads to the following (after the jump, so as not to suck up the entire front page).