eric suggested I x-post what I’ve written since Part the First.  I think what he meant was x-post the new posts as I write them, which I would do were re-uploading 40 some-odd images onto a different blogging platform not so time-intensive.  The new items are bolded.

My one reservation about posting these here is that they are less close readings and more attempts to give students the critical vocabulary required to perform a close reading.  What I mean is: I think my reading of Batman Begins provides compelling evidence that Christopher Nolan shot that particular scene such that Batman resembles a monster from a classic horror film.  What it doesn’t do is provide a reason Nolan would do that.  It is evidence in need of an argument—and deliberately so.  I try to avoid providing students with a thesis they can parrot back to me on their essays.  That final leap from what and how to why is one they must make themselves.

Film: The first two links are meant as introductory.  The third is a model of close-reading intended to show students the work required to make even the simplest of points.

Comics: Both posts concern the opening pages of the sixth of issue of Watchmen because my mind is apparently stuck.  There will be a third installment tonight or tomorrow morning depending on how much longer my head can approximate thought good.