All the crying and crowing over the death of Pajamas Media overshadowed the birth of the awesomeness that is Pajamas Television.  Just today I watched Glenn Reynolds, Michelle Malkin, and the Artisan Formerly Known as Joe the Plumber discuss the first weeks of the Obama administration.  They showed behind-the-scenes footage of the Daschle debacle:


They laughed ha ha while the tape ran.  Then Reynolds showed it again ha ha.  Malkin said it was distracting ha ha.  Reynolds asked how that got in there again ha ha.  Is that the Obama administration or a car full of clowns ha ha. Who can tell ha ha.

Because being on the cutting edge of political commentary entails airing footage of a clown car while the contemporary equivalent of “Bag of Rags” blares.  I couldn’t watch much more than the first five minutes—I kept waiting for Reynolds to pull a full Saget and show Obama getting beaned in the privates by a baseball.  But I saw enough to capture the new face of serious journalism in all its seriousness:


Pajamas Television: where you can watch a middle-aged man put every ounce of the fiber of his being into nailing a lick on his air guitar.  Serious journalism for serious people ha ha.