Brad DeLong answers questions from a high school student, who asks what the University of California at Berkeley should do about John Yoo.

… I think the BLS [Berkeley/Boalt Law School] faculty should have a debate that the rest of us can watch. Do John Yoo’s memos at the OLC exhibit such a shoddy grasp of legal doctrines and arguments that he is not capable of being a qualified teacher and researcher? Will the accrediting authorities take action if BLS graduates make arguments of similar quality in their professional careers, taking John Yoo as a model? Or is the BLS faculty happy with the quality of the argument–and happy to turn out students who take the quality of Yoo’s arguments as a model for their own future work?

And I think that the Berkeley Faculty Senate should have a debate: Given that John Yoo’s “beliefs” about the extent of the president’s commander-in-chief power spin about like a weathervane depending on the direction of the prevailing Republican wind, does academic freedom extend to cover his “beliefs”–or does academic freedom only cover you when you advocate positions that you sincerely believe?

Brad still thinks procedural liberalism can save the day.