As Eric urged last fall, I’m officially disappointed by someone new.

I don’t have television, which I’m gathering is quite a good thing these days; I’m having a difficult time imagining how precisely the Obama administration and Congressional Democrats managed to squander what should have been an obvious objective advantage on the stimulus bill. I haven’t read anyone who’s utterly thrilled with the package — and I’m one of those people who would prefer it to be twice as large — but neither have I read anything even remotely supportive an example of “galactic,” wasteful boondoggling (as NPR’s Marketplace allowed the never-interesting David Frum to claim in one of his unseriously “serious” commentaries this evening.*) Instead, it seems to me that people with demonstrably bad economic beliefs — people who, as Angry Bear pithily described it, “hates spending any tax money on public goods” — are in the process of handing the President’s own ass to him on the very issue that got that ass elected in the first place.

And with that, I’d like to welcome that familiar “We Are So Fucked” feeling back into my life. Hello there, old friend!

* Frum’s utterly disingenuous suggestion was that Obama appoint a panel of economic experts — including the six previous chairs of the Council on Economic Advisers (all Bush people, BTW) as well as some Nobel winners and colobus monkeys — who would “grade” various dimensions of the stimulus bill so that it might be rewritten. This, Frum explains, would be a good way for Obama to prove that his commitment to “science” was genuine. This from the guy who coined the notably scientific idea that an “Axis of Evil” is coming to get us.