I’ve mostly kept a promise I made to myself after the election to ignore the right’s shrieks of horror about President Obama. But like the next guy, I’m a total sucker for ill-conceived allusions to sixties radicals. So I was delighted to see the above clip over at Coates’s place. Sure, it’s bizarre when Juan Williams inexplicably compares Michelle Obama to “Stokely Carmichael in a designer dress”. I mean, had he said “Kwame Ture in a designer dress”, now that would have made sense. Honestly, maybe a charitable soul should remind Williams that the New Yorker cover was a drawing rather than a photograph. Because, dude, when Bill O’Reilly is the voice of reason during your on-air segment, things aren’t going your way.

Really, though, I was more amused by Mary Katherine Ham’s warning that Ms. Obama needs to mind her P’s and Q’s lest she become another Hillary Clinton. Last I checked, Clinton’s resume looked pretty good: first lady, senator, and now secretary of state. But she killed Vince Foster with the wrench in the Roosevelt room! Okay, fair point, it’s probably time to go back to ignoring these people.