The story of the plane non-crash keeps getting more and more improbable.   First we have a plane lose both engines on take-off due to avianterrorism.  Then we have a pilot who misses the city, misses the bridge, and lands it in the water without breaking the plane, made possible by his skills and the hundreds of thousands of man-hours that have gone into improving plane safety.  Passengers who all get off of the plane.  The guy in the exit row who read the card.  (Don’t forget praise for the flight attendants.) Passengers none of whom drown or freeze to death.   Perfect rescue response complete with plucky NYC commuter ferries.

And now we find out that the pilot not only was superbly trained, but had been an accident investigator and a glider pilot.

This was really a test-run for a new Hollywood blockbuster, right?  Reality is punking us.

Update: Teaser trailer due to Coast Guard.