I take it the Bush Farewell Tour ’08 won’t be selling a lot of T-shirts, presser/Secret Service mosh pits aside:


  1. Bush moves like a cat.
  2. I hope the guy got his shoes back.
  3. I get that the reporter was just hamfistedly trying to provide a bit of local color by including the information that in Iraqi culture, gesturing at someone with the sole of one’s foot or shoe is particularly rude, but the phrasing makes it sound as if there was some worry that American viewers would not figure out that the man was expressing contempt, because the customs of the mystical Arab, they are so inscrutable.   The question “is there a version of this in my culture?” should be in every newsroom style book, right after the bit about the comma, the semi-colon, and whether people can be evacuated.

Update: Iraq reacts.