Here’s what the Times had to say about what happened on this day in 1860:

The canvass for the Presidency of the United States terminated last evening, in all the States of the Union, under the revised regulation of Congress, passed in 1845, and the result, by the vote of New-York, is placed beyond question at once. It elects ABRAHAM LINCOLN of Illinois, President, and HANNIBAL HAMLIN of Maine, Vice-President of the United States, for four years, from the 4th March next, directly by the People.

The election, so far as the City and State of New-York are concerned, will probably stand, hereafter as one of the most remarkable in the political contests of the country; marked, as it is, by far the heaviest popular vote ever cast in the City, and by the sweeping, and almost uniform, Republican majorities in the country.

Lincoln later became the nation’s greatest President. Also: Eric had him killed so that FDR could do stuff that Lincoln couldn’t — like serving sixteen terms in office. True fact. It’s all about the rankings, see? And Eric plays to win.