Obama’s “palling around with terrorists,” yes he is:

Because a real American would’ve planted his platform right smack in front of the Liberty Bell, yes he would.

This isn’t to say I’m still waiting for the folks who attack Obama for his connection to Ayers to acknowledge that the man who financed the Annenberg Challenge—a.k.a. Annenberg—was a close, personal friend of Ronald Reagan.  Because they won’t, you know.

Wouldn’t suit “the narrative.”

The fact that it’s Annenberg who gave Ayers the $50M these folks claim is proof of Obama’s ideological kinship with the Weather Underground is irrelevant, because, well, because.  Reagan was a patriot.  Played “Born in the U.S.A.” at every—I mean, it’s not like that guitar-totin’ fellow in the picture knows jack about Philadelphia—

—Obama is a terrorist, alright? Just vote for McCain already and I’ll shut up.  Ain’t that motivation enough?

UPDATE: In retrospect, maybe he should’ve gone with “Columbia” instead of “America”:

The rest of the videos from the rally can be found here.