Presented by HumaniTech and the UCI Humanities Center on Friday, 24 October 2008 in 135 HIB.  The whole day looks fascinating, but this panel should be a thing of great and terrible profundity:

(10:45) Blogging and the Academy

Eszter Hargittai, Crooked Timber
Tedra Osell, Bitch Ph.D.
Scott Kaufman, Acephalous/The Valve

Moderator: Catherine Lui, UC Irvine

Before you ask: Tedra and I are indeed a package deal.  (I considered getting the band back together and asking Bérubé and Holbo to join us, but Singapore’s far away and Bérubé’s not a blogger anymore.)  My edgier side would’ve been listed, but Eric and Ari’s didn’t consider margins when they christened this place.

The other panels:

(9:15) Public Spheres, Reason and Rationality in the 18th Century

Sean Greenberg, UC Irvine
John Smith, UC Irvine

Moderator: Ann Van Sant, UC Irvine

(2:00) The Transnational Public: China and Iran

Kenneth Pomeranz, The China Beat
Jeffrey Wasserstrom, The China Beat
Elham Gheytanchi, Huffington Post

Moderator: Alison Brysk, UC Irvine

(3:45) Election 2008

Ezra Klein, The American Prospect
Kevin Roderick, LA Observed
John Wiener, UC Irvine

Moderator: Amy Wilentz, Huffington Post

(5:15) Wrap-up, Round Table, & Reception