I had to read this article three times to make sure I wasn’t missing something. Am I? Ezra and Matt add their kudos to a proposal to cap the speeds at which cars can go at 75 miles per hour. The reasoning?

30% of all traffic deaths can be attributed to speeding.

Note the lack of absolute speed mentioned. The deaths could be caused going 40 mph in a 25 zone on a rainy night and sliding on wet leaves, or blowing through a traffic light at 50.

I’m guessing that the writers here don’t drive much, and when they do, they’re either in a city, where they’re not driving fast because they’re stuck in downtown traffic, or they’re driving on the highway, where they’re going fast and enjoying the open road. They’re surely not going to speed while gridlocked; ergo, the speeding crashes must be happening at highway speeds. But there’s a lot of driving that doesn’t fall into those categories: small towns; rural roads; commutes in from suburbia, to name a few. One doesn’t have to be going 75 to be speeding, or to end up squashed.

(It’s not that there’s no risk to going fast, or no risk to speeding. There are, but this is reminding me of nothing so much as junior high sex ed, where perky adults theorize that kids are having sex because of a lack of ideas on what to do for dates, and propose mini-golf. )