(This post will self-destruct shortly.)

Will some generous soul read over my Twain chapter for 1) typos and 2) egregiously stupid statements?*  I wouldn’t ask, but I have to turn this thing in on Wednesday and have the editorial near-sightedness which comes from being too close to a text.  The chapter is barely this side of awful—fitful pacing, signposts everywhere, ghastly prose—but at this point I’m more worried about done than good.**  I’m trying to avoid this is all.

You can download it here.  I found me a mensch. If you would like to read it, send me an email.

*Cut-and-paste errors mostly: lack of transitions, re-introducing something already introduced, not introducing something I seem to be referring back to, &c.

**That’s not false humility.  The chapter is truly awful for reasons which I could (and will in the future) describe.  But it is not good.  Nor is it representative of my work generally.  (In conception, maybe, but not in execution.)