KCRA, our local NBC affiliate, had a pretty well researched and thoughtful report on the history of (mainly) GOP complaints about the press hating on (mainly) Republicans. Too bad they ruined it by interviewing some random goofball live at the end.

SPOILERS below the fold.

So, I haven’t done live interviews a lot (though I did do an hour live once and an unedited hour, both on C-SPAN) but each time I do I have renewed, if grudging, respect for politicians. It’s hard! You don’t know what they’re going to ask you or how long they’re going to give you. Plus there’s the whole unfamiliarity of glaring lights and wires on your person. So it’s a miracle that people don’t look like even bigger idiots than they do.

And because I dislike looking like an idiot, I generally don’t do these things. But this time my delightful colleagues, including Ari, talked me into it. Because they like seeing me look like an idiot.

On one of the substantive questions, that of quantitative studies, I thought it was pretty impressive they’d looked this up and found the results. If we’d gone into greater depth, the subject of Groseclose and Milyo’s paper might have come up, in which case we could have talked about the merits of Liberman’s critical analysis of it. But you’re not likely to hear a sentence like that on your local news.