On this day in 1972, a group of Palestinian terrorists*, members of an organization known as Black September, killed eleven Israeli athletes and coaches participating in the summer Olympics in Munich, Germany. Five of the terrorists, as well as a German policeman, also died in the attack. Above, you’ll find all of Kevin Macdonald’s One Day in September**, which won the Oscar for Best Documentary in 2000 despite generating enormous controversy. Roger Ebert, for example, criticized it for sensationalizing the events in Munich and for providing only one side of a more complicated story. Having just watched the film again, I think Ebert is probably right on both counts. But I’m more interested in thinking about whether he would have penned his column in the wake of the September 11 attacks. Regardless, Steven Spielberg’s Munich, a drama about the Israeli assassins who hunted and killed the surviving members of Black September, provides an even more controversial postscript to Macdonald’s film.

* It’s odd how the War on Terror has forced me to think three or four times before writing that word. Orwell was onto something.

** Please ignore the text at the very beginning of the YouTube. Or don’t ignore it. But if you go that route, you’re on your own.