Hmm, how to spend a 90+ humid afternoon? Ah, sitting in the sun waiting to hear Obama speak. Pictures and ON THE SCENE (EFFETE) CITIZEN JOURNALISM below the fold.

Scenes from a line: the people near me were pretty nuts. Willing to spend the afternoon waiting for a stump speech, not sure who to vote for, impressed by Sarah Palin. One person genuinely crazy. Herculean efforts of will required. Then this guy stopped by to sell some buttons.

Wait, what’s that?

Someone asked what was up. “You’ll never convince me that love is bad. Never.” How about I convince you you’re a patronizing asshole instead? That should be easier.

At any rate. I get inside the speaking area. This dude can draw a crowd:

And the crowd smells terrible. It’s hot. I start to fade. Thanks God, a very kind woman offers me her umbrella. Unfortunately, it’s a Hello Kitty umbrella, but my dignity left the building a long time ago.

this kitsch saved my life.

This kitsch saved my life.

Finally the man arrives.

America, moving forward

America, moving forward

It’s a nice speech. Mostly familiar themes and proposals, but added riffs on the Republican convention: some new faces, but the same old ideas. “Does anyone have any idea what they want to do about the economy?” One kajillion people: “NO!” “Do you know what they want to do about creating jobs here at home?” “NO!” And, best of all, to my ears, a polite FU to making fun of community organizing. Basic idea: maybe that’s a joke to the Republicans, but it’s not to the people I was helping. Yeah, that sounds right. He’s very loose, relaxed, having a good time, and getting a lot of love. He is in control.

But mainly I just kept thinking, holy crap, that’s Barack Obama!

Our next president, ladies and gentlemen.