Wait for the 1:20 mark. Then watch Michael Moore call Hurricane Gustav proof of god’s existence. He’s kidding, of course. And maybe I should have a better sense of humor about this kind of thing. But it’s hard for me to laugh when I consider that tens of thousands of people along the Gulf Coast are having their lives disrupted by another hurricane. That this horror is unfolding so close to the anniversary of Katrina heaps insult atop injury. So please, people on the political left, try to restrain your glee as Gustav screws up the Republican National Convention.

Even more disgusting? John McCain and Sarah Palin are headed to Mississippi, hoping to use Gustav as a photo-op. Thanks, Senator McCain, we already have an excellent photographic record of your response to major hurricanes. Really, how about if you just stay out of the way? Lord knows you don’t have the strength to lift a sandbag.