(An unrelated link for those who’d prefer to laugh at rather than with me.)

What’s wrong 1) with the modern conservative movement and 2) pandering to it?  This:

I told my wife this morning we can now go vote on November 4th. McCain is not as stupid as we right-wingers thought he was.

Ain’t it sweet of him to enfranchise his wife?  Now she can join the 909 (of 7,500) citizens of Wasilla who elected Sarah Palin mayor and the 114,697 (of 683,478) citizens of Alaska who elected her governor.*  I know I’m being unfair.  This in no way reflects on Palin, who is her own woman, who possesses strong feminist credentials, and who would never let any man speak for her.

*Ignore as irrelevant the fact that the equivalent of the entire state of Alaska (655,923) voted Obama into the Senate.  Because no matter what, come what may, roam if you want to (only don’t), the important thing to remember is Obama lacks executive experience (whatever that is).