You asked for it, Henley.

All the new thinking is about Change.
In this it resembles all the old thinking.
The claim, for example, that this election presages
the end of partisan politics. That the tan-
faced Democrat with his speeches and his charisma
(just like Hitler, really) is, by his presence,
heralding the end of the free first world,
a messiah of socialism. Or perhaps the other notion,
elite, because in the election season, there is no one thing
to which arugula cannot correspond,
a word is plastic to what it signifies.

We talked about it late last night, and in the voice
of the committee, a pulse of excitement,a tone
almost triumphant. After a while I understood that,
talking this way, everything dissolves: justice,
tax, fair, hero, POW. There was a time when
I would have been ashamed, and I remembered how, while I
composed the screed, I would shop at Whole Foods sometimes,
carrying a basket through the aisles searching for satiety,
like a thirst for cane soda, or fresh goat cheese. And I would
even enjoy those green tendrils, biting me with peppery teeth,
at the cafe where I relaxed and drank the frothy coffee
called a latte. It hardly has to do with him.
Elite, we say, because the common man
will cast his vote for us. I must appear the same to him.
But I remember so much, the last time, the way a man made of nutmeg
drank a beer and cleared brush, what
we said. There are moments when the truth is as fleeting
as words, days that are the memes continuing,
Such effectiveness, those blogposts and speeches,
saying arugula, arugula, arugula.

Update: This is, obviously, a parody of this poem. Context!

Update 2: Another contributor. So cool.