Does Obama want to win? I mean really win? As in, a landslide? Then he needs to ignore the people pressuring him to make his pick now and instead pitch a Veepstakes reality show to the nets. It would feature challenges, feats of derring-do: “Sen. Biden, can you point to Kamchatka on this Risk map.” “General Clark, are you man enough to extinguish this lit cigarette in the palm of your hand?” “Governor Sebelius, using only your wits and a Leatherman, you must survive a hunting trip with Dick Cheney. And you’re the quarry!” You get the picture.

Then, in the final episode, just a week before the election, the American people could vote by phone and pick a winner. That way, if the choice comes down to Evan Bayh or a dolphin trapped in a tuna net, we get Vice President Flipper.

[Author’s Note: I stole this post from myself (source material here). I mention this because I’ve never understood the ethics of when one should footnote oneself.]