Somehow, Matt Yglesias writes about this article on the Watchmen movie and manages not to freak out at this bit:

Over many months, and many meetings, Snyder persuaded Warner Bros. to abandon the Greengrass/Hayter script and hew as faithfully as possible to the comic. The key battles: retaining the ’80s milieu, keeping Richard Nixon (Moore did consider using an era-appropriate Ronald Reagan, but worried it would alienate American readers), and preserving the villain-doesn’t-pay-for-his-crimes climax.

!!!! Changing the ENTIRE POINT was on the table? The hell?? Were they also considering making Rorschach kind-hearted and mentally balanced? (You know, for kids?)

I’d say something snarky about how maybe it would be like doing Romeo and Juliet with a happy ending, but Hollywood’s gone and done that.**

*Stupid Matt Stupid “who watches the $foo” title joke already taken.

**Stupid Hollywood taking my backup title joke.