After SEK forever ruined the Count for me, I was lucky enough to happen upon a link to this vid in the comments at unfogged (No, Wolfson, I can’t figure out exactly where. But there, you just got your hat-tip, okay?). So, hip people, do we like this Feist character? Because I’m not so sure. I think she may hate America. And it troubles me that she can only count to four. What’s up with that?

[Update: Also, this appears to be the 666th post on this blog. Coincidence? You’ll have to judge for yourself, of course. For my part, though, I worry.]

[Update II: Turns out I didn’t see it in the comments; it was a post over at Unfogged. I truly am an idiot. And I’m very sorry, Stanley. I hope you can forgive me. In my defense, you put the video below the fold. So it was hard to find.]