Because Walt wants “This Day in Pony History” (even though nothing makes him laugh) and because Ari is a self-hating Canadian, it falls to me today to mark, for This Day in History, the 141st anniversary of Canadian Confederation. On this day in 1867, Canada became “one of the great facts of the world,” or as the Globe observed, deploying characteristic Torontonian caution, it became for citizens of Upper Canada a day that “may well be heartily rejoiced over as the brightest day in their calendar.” And it came not a minute too soon. For nefarious schemes were evidently afoot, such as those providing that “the States of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Canada East, and Canada West, and the Territories of Selkirk, Saskatchewan, and Columbia, with limits and rights as by the act defined, are constituted and admitted as States and Territories of the United States of America.” Why, apparently some Billy Yanks sang as off they went to war,

Secession first he would put down
Wholly and forever,
And afterwards from Britain’s crown
He Canada would sever.

When I think of Canadian patriotism, I think of principally of October 30, 1995, when the referendum for Quebec’s secession failed; I was in Toronto for that, and have an anecdote or two. But that’s not this day in history. But that thing reminds me of two other things, which are below the fold. Cheers and greetings to all our Canadian readers.