After the championship game of the NCAA basketball tournament, CBS broadcasts a video montage of tournament highlights backed by the song, “One Shining Moment.” It’s an almost singularly terrible song. But, for millions of college basketball fans, it has enormous symbolic resonance: the champion has been crowned, the joy of the tournament is already fading, the season is over. People weep. Really. Well, the primary campaign’s over, and I’d like to put together my own montage: filled with highlights, or lowlights, of the past six months of electoral hijinks.

Here are five moments that leap immediately to my mind:

1) Obama’s speech on race.

2) Chris Matthews, during coverage of any of the primaries or caucuses, spewing his love for Obama all over MSNBC’s set.

3) Watching, with glee, the returns from Iowa (see above for footage).

4) God-DAMN America!

5) Seeing the “Yes We Can” video for the first time.

So, what are yours? Which moments shine bright in your mind’s eye? They don’t have to be videos, by the way. I’m just too shallow to think of anything else.