It’s hard to figure quite how to interpret this passage, from Max Hastings’s Retribution. It’s a bit lengthy, but I didn’t want you to think I was fooling around with ellipses or paragraph breaks. This is just as printed:

Col. Derek Horsford observed that though his Gurkhas had little regard for the unfortunate Africans as fighting soldiers—”they would go out on patrol only if you held their hands”—they were impressed by other attributes. “During the advance into the Kabaw valley, I found some of our chaps crouching behind a bush, watching a party of West African soldiers bathing. The Gurkhas were gazing fascinated, uttering exclamations of unwilling awe, at what they perceived as the extravagant dimensions of their black comrades’ private parts.” There was much bitterness after the war that in [General Bill] Slim’s expressions of gratitude to his soldiers, he never mentioned the Africans.

From pp. 83-84.