Josh Marshall wrote a thoughtful post tonight about Appalachia, the region’s Scots-Irish settlers, their historical antipathy for both slavery and slaves, and the implications of all the above for contemporary voting patterns. I guess this is Josh’s way of reminding the world that he’s a historian and not just a new-media mogul. Regardless, his post is worth a look. In the same vein, the proprietor of Enik Rising expands on Josh’s argument, bringing to bear a similar analysis on Colorado’s Democratic primary. The result? It looks like Josh may be onto something. I suppose this is where I should note that their conclusions are overly determined. Because I’m extremely smart for knowing that phrase. Seriously, though, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Albion’s Seed. So I probably shouldn’t find arguments like the ones above so interesting. But I do. Oh well, I’m nothing if not inconsistent.