China breaks up child slave-labor ring in Guangdong; consumer spending rises less than hoped or predicted this past quarter. Lifestyle corner: Paula Abdul comments on an American Idol performance yet to be given—perhaps show does not air fully live and unscripted.

Inside, Schwarzenegger takes heat for his own “Bittergate”:

I always encourage the legislators in Sacramento, because some of them come from little towns…. and they don’t have that vision yet of an airport or of a highway that maybe has 10 lanes. Or of putting a highway on top of a highway. They look at you and say, “Well, we don’t have that in my town, what are you talking about?”

The Bee reports, “His comments … drew laughs and applause from the big-city audience at the Beverly Hilton.”

Deeper in the story, it turns out the governor made the remarks by way of “defend[ing] legislators who take trips financed by donors.”