Conspiracy of Beards, I’ve just learned, is an all-male choir in the Bay Area. They perform only Leonard Cohen’s compositions. And, given that I’m Canadian and almost painfully fond of Cohen (Must I, because of my national origin, love Leonard Cohen — who knows?), I thought I’d post the above vid. Stick around long enough to hear the singalong version of “Bird on a Wire.”

Anyway, I found out about Conspiracy of Beards here. One of the proprietors at The Great Whatsit, Bryan Waterman, writes of the choir: “The group formed, apparently, following a friend’s death, when his widow discovered a diary entry he’d written in which he’d recorded a dream about a men’s choir — including several people he knew — performing the songs of Leonard Cohen. She took the entry to some of the people mentioned and asked them to realize the dream. And so they have, using the name he’d dreamed up for them.”

Oh, here’s one more I found. Because “Sisters of Mercy” is one of my faves:

Happy Monday.