Sharp-eyed observers might notice some changes; we’ve brought back the “Recent Posts” thing, which I hope won’t cause problems again. Also, more substantially, Ari and I have in the past disagreed about how much, or even whether, we should really be commenting on the presidential race much, unless there’s a historical angle. Mostly he does it, I (mostly) don’t. But he’s persuaded me it’s time for me to put in my two cents: Barack Obama should stop damaging the Democratic Party with his vain, naïve, quixotic quest for the presidential nomination.

Sure, Obama’s an inspiring speaker. But inspiration wears off, and it can’t buy you healthcare reform. A detailed plan, carefully managed through Congress, can. Hillary Clinton has proved that.

Yes, Obama spoke out against the Iraq War in 2002. But again, talk is cheap: it didn’t stop the war coming. The next time there’s a terrorist-harboring dictator threatening war, what’s Obama’s plan? Talk about not having one again?

Everyone knows the Democratic Party has suffered for decades because it refused to stand against the erosion of traditional culture. Americans like their traditions, and they get alarmed when they see them threatened. First it was the heritage of the South, then the family, now masculinity and sexuality and even race. Right now, when ordinary Americans think “liberal,” they think of people who won’t stand for the old ways—people who have more education than common sense. People like Barack Obama, in other words. Liberals need to persuade ordinary Americans they’re just as good at sticking up for traditional ways as conservatives. Barack Obama wouldn’t even exist if people stuck to the old ways.

We have arrived at a crisis. More people have voted for Obama than have voted for Clinton in the Democratic primaries, and it looks like it will stay that way. The arcane party rules ensure that having got more votes, Obama will also have more delegates and be closer to attaining the nomination than Clinton, who Democrats really want. I think it’s time for Ari and the other Obamaniacs to face up to the truth: Obama should just quit, and end the madness.