As John Adams? Really? You’re serious about that? Whose idea was this? Mind you, I do like the guy. I think he’s a gifted and intelligent actor. And his dad, I’m told, was a pretty good university president (plus: the baseball thing).

But Paul Giamatti can’t play John Adams. Or at least he can’t based on what I saw on tv tonight. Adams was famously (infamously?) sardonic and pompous. Convinced that he was the smartest guy in the room, even when the other occupants included Franklin and Jefferson, Adams didn’t suffer fools — or even geniuses — gladly. Giamatti, whose range extends from neurotic to nerdy, with occasional detours into petulant, seemingly has no clue how to embody a man like Adams. He might, though, be a good choice to play me, should the biopic Eric’s been considering ever get off the ground. So, despite my plan to live-blog the whole HBO series, I won’t be tuning in again. Even though Laura Linney is still teh awesome.