Will somebody with a bit more perspective reassure me that this isn’t a huge problem for Obama? Please. Reverend Wright, of course, isn’t part of the Obama campaign. Still, this doesn’t seem like the kind of thing you want cropping up, especially not in the wake of the Ferraro comments. Again, I’m looking for reassurance, a pat on the back, an “It’s gonna be okay. Keith Olbermann isn’t going to devote ten minutes of his show tomorrow to trashing Obama’s association with Reverend Wright.” It would help if any of those gestures were sincere. But at this point I’ll take what I can get.

[Update: Hilzoy points out in the comments, and the internets confirm, that Wright is a member of the Obama campaign, part of the African American Religious Leadership Committee. TPM suggests that this is a “largely honorary post.”]

[Update II: And now Hilzoy has put up this very post. Which, along with this post, provide much more thoughtful takes on this issue than I’ve offered. Again, as my original post suggested, I was upset and uncertain about what the Wright comments would mean for the Obama campaign. To the extent that my post has contributed to the furor that has, subsequently, ensued, I’m sorry. I may post more about this later. But I remain very down about the whole situation. So perhaps not.]

[Update III: Hilzoy again, with more words of wisdom. Worth a look.]

Via Ben Smith.