As Megan kindly mentioned, the Chronicle named this the blog of the week. We grant there is no accounting for tastes. And if I were not blogging this from the train, I would put in links to the posts they mentioned. Perhaps I will later. Meantime, please look around, and if you want to find some “this day in history” posts please click on the “this day” link above. Thanks!

Now that I’m off the train, here are the posts they mentioned:

how the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ was chosen as our national anthem while the Great Depression was sapping the American spirit

a look at the music videos Barack Obama fans have posted on YouTube

why Wikipedia’s overlords shouldn’t delete entries they consider to be underread

Also, as mentioned previously, please look around; you can find “this day in history” items by clicking on the “this day” category.

Thanks again!