Apparently, this is from the Emmy-nominated Palestinian children’s show, “Pioneers of Tomorrow.” I say “apparently,” because I’m not sure that I can believe this clip is real. First, it seems to allude to key scenes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. But not in a good way. And, as anyone can tell you, the humorists in Hamas are far subtler than this clip suggets, particularly when dealing with Crusades comedy. Second, I don’t know if the title of the YouTube will come through, so I’ll just note that it’s “Martyred Mouse and Killer Bee Replaced by Jew Eating Bunny.” Which raises another question about this clip’s authenticity: isn’t “Jew Eating” a compound adjective in this case? Shouldn’t it be “Jew-Eating”? Third, and finally, I’m really not spoofing the revolutionary struggle of the Palestinian people. But I am making fun of the idea of Jew-eating bunnies. Because everyone knows that bunnies don’t eat Jews; my people are far too gristly to make for good eating. Bunnies prefer meals of carrots and lettuce washed down with the blood of Christian children.