This may be the treatment of Andrew Jackson that I’ve been waiting for. Take a minute to check out the songs, particularly “10 Little Indians.”

From the production’s website:

“Who am I? I’m Andrew F***ing Jackson!”

Shootouts, smallpox and scalpings—growing up on the 19th Century American Frontier was killer! Hoping to kick some British butt and bitch-slap the Spaniards, thirteen-year old Andrew Jackson joins the Army and grows up to become America’s first populist president and greatest rock star since George Washington.

A fast-paced irreverent rock musical about the country we live in and the leaders we choose. Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson redefines America’s seventh president, a pioneer of humble stock who invented the Democratic Party, moved Indians west, and played a kick-ass guitar. From the director and co-creator of A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant and OBIE Award winning composer Michael Friedman.
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And now, some lyrics from “Populism Yea Yea”:

‘Cause it’s the early nineteenth century
We’ll take the land back from the Indians
We’ll take the land back from the French and Spanish
And other people in other European countries
And other countries too
And also other places
I’m pretty sure it’s our land anyway

The details might be a bit sketchy. But the broad strokes pretty accurately convey Jackson’s views on territorial acquisition, no? Don’t answer that.