You’re better off watching it here. Because the quality is so much higher. But if you’re just too lazy to be bothered…

The most unusual political ad I’ve ever seen? I think so. I’m not sure I know what to say. Part of me wishes this were cast with regular folks, directed by David Simon, rather than stars. But stars sure are nice to look at. More than that, though, Obama radiates so much power and charisma that the stars seem to dim by comparison. So every time I begin to get annoyed by the overproduced nature of the thing, I still can’t stop watching. The man is a great orator.

[Editor’s Note: Thanks to a lurker, who sent me this. You really can comment, people. We don’t bite. And Eric won’t cut you. I promise.]

(Update: This is a lot to ask, I know. But if someone has time on their hands, and a deep grounding in pop culture, I’d sure like a cut-by-cut guide to all the people in the video. I recognize more than half, I think, but not quite three-quarters.)