“America still works,” is the headline on Michael Lind’s cover story for the UK Prospect. Okay, dumb hed, but writers don’t choose their own heds, people. The lede tells us the state of the union is strong: “the US will remain first among equals for generations to come, even in a multipolar world with several great powers.” Huh, okay. So, how do we know that? Well, the first point Lind makes is, “there isn’t going to be a non-white majority in the US in the 21st century. And probably not in the 22nd or 23rd, either.” Because, it turns out, Hispanics are really white.

I don’t think Lind means that if there were going to be a non-white majority, that we could consider that America no longer still works, or that it would no longer be a great power. Does he?