I was one of the thousands of moronic progressives who lived through Bill Clinton’s presidency by gritting my teeth. I totally underestimated what an effective leader he was — at the time and given the givens. In retrospect, though, I think he was one of our better presidents*, perhaps even cracking the top five.

So, it has been with considerable anguish that I’ve watched him demeaning himself with his odious attacks on Barack Obama. And let me be clear: Bill should be stumping for Hillary. For more reasons than I have time to catalog. But I wish that he would campaign with more dignity. I find his tendency to toss bombs and then throw up his hands with a “What? Me?” expression on his face especially maddening. If he keeps this up, I think he’s going to end up doing Hillary more harm than good. And he’ll certainly damage the party’s reputation, as he remains, to a very great extent, the most visible and popular Democrat in the country.

Anyway, if it turns out that this is true, that leading Democrats are asking Bill to cool it — and it works — that would be very welcome news.

* Low bar alert. Please lower your mast if you wish to sail through unscathed. Seriously, it’s either a very hard job or the people who get it are unusually lame. Probably both, right? Always avoid monocauasal explanations.

Via Josh Marshall at TPM.