Sometimes writing the On This Day in History post provides an opportunity to actually think about the past while trying to say something interesting. And sometimes it’s a just chance to think a bit about the connection between history and current events. Then there are days like today.

I have a variety of different sources from which I gather my OTDH ideas. The nature of their content is actually pretty interesting in its own way, if mostly predictable: very heavy on the Revolution, Civil War, and WWII. War is the new black. Almost nothing on women’s history, African-American history (except for the Civil Rights movement), Native American history, or environmental history. There’s one site (this one), that occasionally has a bunch of interesting stuff on the history of science and technology. And the Library of Congress’s American Memory site is amazing, though I’ve found few opportunities to link to it.

Despite having a number of places to trawl (troll?) for entries, occasionally I have a day like today (another example is here), when I can’t find much that captures my fancy. But then, looking around this evening, I found this:

1644 – Perplexed Pilgrims in Boston reported America’s 1st UFO sighting

Such a find elicits a couple of responses. First, Eric, will you please cook me up one of your special history cartoons, this time starring “Perplexed Pilgrims”? With hats? Because I really want to see that. But only if there are hats. And second, is my next book going to be called Perplexed Pilgrims? Why yes, yes it is.

And that’s all I have for you. Oh, also this link, which purports to have more on the subject. Though I have my doubts. Buzzkill, I know.